I thought I’d finally upload photos of our entire 3 bedroom London home just to document what our hard work resulted in. These photos aren’t all fully up to date, some are quite old and the interior decor has improved (especially in the bedrooms), but I still love to look at them! Our interior style is pretty minimal, simply because we find having loads of stuff stressful. I love a clean and simple aesthetic.

Mentally, we have moved on from this renovation project. Our sights are now on travelling as much as we can and figuring out where in the world we’d want to build or buy our dream home. That’s what I’m excited about. But one day I would love to revisit this renovation and do a side return extension which will allow for a kitchen island to be added and the dining table to be moved to the kitchen, and I’d finally sort out the back garden. I’d also do a loft conversion, adding two new bedrooms and two shower ensuites. We have a great sunset view and view into the City from our house and a loft conversion with floor-to-ceiling windows would allow us to enjoy it more. But that’s a goal for another day if we find ourselves with a bunch of time and circa £70,000 lying around spare lol (extending is EXPENSIVE!). For now, here’s our first home:

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